[RFC] i18n


You are using a theme so that depends what the theme index page is displaying.
If you want to experiment, skip the theme and write the templates directly in the templates/ directory (you can copy the ones from your theme if you want).


Gotcha. Thanks.

Is it possible to do something like {% set section = get_section(path="_index.md") %} but having it use _index.md or _index.en.md automatically?

I’m assuming I need to use get_section in my index.html to serve _index.md or _index.en.md depending of the language.


Not right now.

You don’t necessarily need that. Look at the test i18n site index page: https://github.com/getzola/zola/blob/next/test_site_i18n/templates/index.html
It will be generated correctly for all languages automatically as it only uses the section variable that is passed down in all cases.


The plan is to release v0.6.0 with what is currently on the next branch this weekend. It is missing things but we will get more feedback on multilingual if it is actually released and I don’t think the fundamental structure will change.

Any big blocker/bad design to consider before that?