Rename config.toml so it doesn’t share its first three characters with the content directory

I’m used to typing two or three letters of a filename and pressing Tab to complete the rest. (Where convenient, I choose file names so that they will have unique stems.) But here, “conTab” doesn’t work because config.toml and content/ both start with those three characters.

I really, really, really want to rename one or the other. I think config.toml is probably the more convenient to rename. zola.toml, perhaps?

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That seems very unlikely to happen, it’s made so it’s similar to Hugo and I have to say I never had an issue with tab to differentiate them…

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  1. “Similar to Hugo” is not inherently a virtue. Sometimes being too close to another thing is even a hazard.

  2. “zola.toml” or “Zola.toml” is not obviously worse than “config.toml”; in fact I would consider it markedly superior: it’s a much more obvious indicator that Zola is the static site generator in use, and is consistent with plenty of other apps as well, such as Cargo with its Cargo.toml, and Make with its Makefile.

  3. For the rest, my point is that normally one Tab will expand a full path after typing two or three characters, but here you’ll need to use it multiple times, or type more characters, depending on the autocompletion mode.

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Zola could use zola.toml as a fallback in if config.toml is not found.