Post.summary includes <p> tag -- intentional or bug?

I am trying to stylize my homepage. I’m using the <!-- more --> tag to get a summary and {{ post.summary | markdown | safe }} in the macros.html as recommended in the docs. The problem is that the formatted text comes with a <p> opening tag at the beginning, e.g.

{{ post.summary | markdown | safe }}


<p> This is the first line of my blog post. You have no idea what's coming next...

and without the closing </p> tag.

This initial <p> tag is causing me formatting headaches. Why is it there, and what can I do about it?

My guess is that it’s pulling the initial HTML from the post, which includes that tag.



Edit: solved. See below. Answer was in the docs.

I found the answer.

{{ post.summary | markdown(inline=true) | safe }}

solves it.

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