New user experience

I stumbled across this tool by accident and I decided to use it for my blog - the low level of dependencies was key and speed of build.

I am previously using gatsby and my experience with zola so far is excellent - I got started with the abridged theme and moving my markdown from gatsby was so easy - I needed to change front matter for search but didn’t have to change the content.

I need to amend the styling a little but amazed at how well this went so far. I have around 60 pages with images and code and it built in 3 seconds on my machine (WSL - 4 year old dell xps).

I’m liking the abridged theme too - this probably made the experience easier for me. I’m happy this is much less complicated than gatsby.

Thanks to developers for making my life easier.


TBH 3s for 60 pages seem slow, is it doing some image resize/data loading?

I checked out Gatsby when it was released. As soon as I saw I had to use GraphQL, I noped out

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Yes I have images on most pages - now I’ve processed the build is down to 300ms