Mixed section transparency

alright, so I now implemented what feels like categories through sections.
I had to disable transparency so that page.higher and page.lower would continue working.
Then I had to rewrite my index.html to loop over subsections, which made the template a whole lot drier, so I don’t mind.

Now would be a good time for me to restructure my landing page.
I’d like to have just the 10 newest posts in a list, but thanks to disabled transparency (for next/previous functionality), it’s not obvious how I would do that.
I’d also need similar logic for some orphan archive.md with it’s own short template to just include a list of all the posts (sorted by date).

How can I keep transparency off (for next/previous) while also sorting over a joined list of posts from different sections?

I just did something similar where I wanted my blog to include project logs with blog posts.

I used

{% set project_logs = get_section(path="projects/_index.md") %}
{% for page in section.pages | concat(with=project_logs.pages) %}

Based on this post: Merging sections into single loop - #5 by jamiedumont