Minify css and js in html

Hi, I noticed css and js in html don’t get minified but the new version (as of 0.10.0) of the library that does the minification - minify-html now supports css and js in html.

Could we bump the library to 0.10.0 and add minify_css_in_html: bool, minify_js_in_html: bool to the config. Perhaps with minify-js (same author) and css-minify in scope, we could move for global asset (html, css, js) minification in general?

The only relevant topic to this is this one: Disable minification
I’m guessing because the sass compiler automatically minifies the css, so maybe there could be a config option for that as well?

See Minify embedded css and js with additional lib flags by JeremyBarbosa · Pull Request #1922 · getzola/zola · GitHub


Thanks, awesome!