Mermaid Integration

Im trying to use MermaidJS in zola.
Could you give me a hint where to start?
i looked into
But im not sure if thats the right place to start.
Would Template be enough?

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Hi @paul-asvb,

i found your question when trying to learn the ins and out of zola myself.

I’m not aware of a way of generating the svg diagram during the zola build.
But using mermaid in the browser there’s an easy way to include mermaid diagrams in your markdown content.

I created this simple example:

To create this example I used three files:

i created a shortcode. All it does is wrap the actual mermaid diagram in a div that the mermaid library will look for:

i created a template file that include the mermaid javascript library and tells it to start when the page is loaded in the browser.

and i created a markdown file using the previous template and shortcode.

you can find the actual file in this gist

I hope you find this usefull,

Regards Marco

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