Looking for password-protected site hosting suggestions

I’m using Zola, hosted on Netlify, for another personal project and liking it.

Occurred to me just now that I might want to create a blog / history site for my family. I wouldn’t want it to be publicly available, but rather limit it so only a few people (i.e. family) could read it.

At first glance, Netlify’s global site password seems to make sense, but now I’m reading that that is incompatible with Large File support. (There will be lots of photography and possibly even video, so Large File support is a must.)

Suggestions, short of paying the $99/mo for more sophisticated access control at Netlify?

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Sounds like .htaccess.

You might buy virtual server on Linode\DigitalOcean\Vultr etc for $5, install Nginx and gain any features you want

it looks like you can set up basic header auth on Netlify, but as the article notes, it’s not the most robust form of auth on earth

otherwise, if you are set on using a static site, you are looking at proxying authenticated requests. probably worth googling “netlify static site auth”. found some things that looked promising: