Landing Pages for menu items & subitem

I am a new user of Zola and am using version 0.12.2.
My theme of choice is DeepThought

Following is the tree of the site (not public yet)

The site builds properly with no errors…

Below is the screenshot of what the built site shows as…

As you can see I have added two more items to the menu bar(music & diving diaries) by mentioning them in the config.toml file. Other items of the menu bar (home, posts, tags, categories) came predefined with the theme.
When one clicks Home on the menu bar it takes you to the landing page of the home section and this displays correctly. If I understand Zola docs correctly this action is regulated by the file within content. Likewise I want to display the landing page for menu item music for which I have put content in the file under section menu. However no content shows when I select music from the menu bar except title & description of this landing page. Same happens for subitems(repertoire & online music) under music. Each have their own file
Finally I would want to include posts (like file as shown in the tree image) within subitem repertoire to displayed (sorted date wise) only in the landing page of this subitem.

I have been tearing my hair out but haven’t been able to figure out how to achieve this.
Any help would be much appreciated. I have gone through the Zola docs & this forum but could not see anything that address this.

Many thanks

I managed to sort this out. Something I was just overlooking.
I included the template file controlling the section in the front matter like so

So I guess that solves the issue.