Inline code highlighting

I’m working on porting my site over to using Zola and I want inline code to be highlighted.

I forked Zola and added a config parameter “highlight_inline_lang” that defaults to None which keeps the default behavior.

You can set this to some language that inline code will be highlighted with.

The fork is here GitHub - alchitry/zola at inline-highlight

I’ve only just started with Zola but it might be nice if this was somehow configurable per page with a global default.

I don’t understand, how does that look like in Markdown?

Basically, I wanted code that was inline (single ticks `code`) like this to be highlighted as if it was a full block (triple tick ``` block ```). This way in the tutorials on my site keywords are consistently styled.

There isn’t a standard way to specify a language for these like you do with triple tick blocks and even if there was doing so would be very cumbersome for single words.

Here’s an example of my current (not Zola) site that does this Lucid V2 - Update 2 - Test Benches — Alchitry

EDIT: I figured out how to make a custom GitHub action to use my fork of Zola. An example of what I wanted is here Lucid V2 - Update 2 - Test Benches

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