Include / import content from another page

We’re using zola for htmx docs, and we have a case where we’d like to duplicate the content of a section on both the /docs and /reference pages, perhaps similar to another topic, Include a page from another page (see #1927 for details). In particular, it would be nice to just write the content on one of the pages and import it that section from the first in the second. Of course this doesn’t work out because regular pages are not evaluated as templates.

Is “create a template” still the best answer to this situation? Do you think this is an unreasonable thing to try to solve with zola?

Hm from what you wrote it seems that having a page/section output on multiple paths (not doable currently) would solve the issue without touching templates or am i mistaken and they are different template but with the same content?

Maybe, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “output on multiple paths”.

The basic problem is that we have a heading listing configuration options on the docs page:

And we’d like to duplicate that heading on the reference page, where a list of configuration options is very thematic: