How to add separator to rendered toml arrays

I played a bit with Zola and Tera (both wonderful, btw) and I was wondering if there was a more efficient way to add a separator between TOML arrays once they are rendered.

An example would be tags, given this array

tags = [

having them rendered like:

Tag1, Tag2, Tag3

For now, I am using the following solution (add a comma to every element of the loop, avoid if it is the last):

{% for tag in page.extra.tags %} 
    {% if not loop.last %}
        <a href="" class="pub-tag">{{ tag }},</a> 
    {% elif loop.last %}
        <a href="" class="pub-tag">{{ tag }}</a> 
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

But I wonder if I am missing something and if there is a more efficent way of doing it.

Thanks in advance!

Does {{ page.extra.tags | join(sep=",") }} work?

Thanks for the answer!
Yes and no, if inserted inside a for loop like this:

{% for tag in page.extra.tags %} 
        <a href="" class="pub-tag">{{ tag  | join(sep=",") }}</a> 
{% endfor %}

It will fail with the following error: Filter join was called on an incorrect value: got "Tag1" but expected a Vec<Value>.

If instead called like this <a href="" class="pub-tag">{{ page.extra.tags | join(sep=",") }}</a> it will work, but all the tags will be considered as a single element (only one <a>), which will break taxonomies, I believe.