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I’m moving my blog and a few other things to Zola. So far I’ve been really impressed (especially with the documentation), thank you to everybody who’s worked on it.

My old blog (on blogger) had both RSS and Atom feeds, and I’d like to duplicate this with Zola. I understand that Atom is better than RSS in many ways, however it’s still provided by a lot of blogs so I’d like to provide an RSS feed as well (See the survey of some blogs I follow below). While a survey of what popular feed readers support would probably be more insightful, it’s also much harder to do :sweat_smile:

I took a look at what would be involved to get Zola to support generating feeds from multiple templates, and I have local code changes that provide this functionality with minimal additions to the code base (4 files, with about 15 changes). If there’s interest to have this feature upstream in Zola I can throw up a pull request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Survey of blogs I follow, and which syndication formats they advertise in their html <head>:

Blog RSS Atom

(dots replaced with fullwidth dots to avoid the spam filter :disappointed:)


– jbit

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I put my changes up on a fork:

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@jbit is this being raised in a PR?

I don’t think this feature makes sense in general and is unlikely to be acccepted as a PR. Any tool that can read RSS should be able to read Atom and vice versa.

I still think generating both Atom and RSS would be useful. I merged a site with a RSS feed with a site with an Atom feed and would like to redirect both links to a feed with the same format as the original (it feels ugly to add a atom.xml → rss.xml redirect).