Error: Macro namespace `macros` was not found in imported template

I have a base.html that imports a macros.html
{% import "macros.html" as macros %}

and page.html that extends base.html and uses macros defined in macros.html and include another template {% include "utils/breadcrumb.html" %} that does not use any macros at all. This results in the error

Error: Failed to render page ‘/zblog/content/writings/book1/’
Error: Reason: Failed to render ‘page.html’ (error happened in a parent template)
Error: Reason: Macro namespace macros was not found in template utils/breadcrumb.html. Have you maybe forgotten to import it, or misspelled it?

The error happens even if the breadcrumbs.html is empty and is resolved if I import the macros.html in the breadcrumbs.html.

What am I doing wrong?


Can you make the templates available?

I tried to create a minimum viable example but it I could not reproduce the bug. Must be something else in my original project which since I have modified to avoid the problem by converting the code in the include html file into a macro.
I will see if I could fish that version from my git history.