Default array literal in macro produces error (docs inaccuracy?)

In Zola 0.15.3, when I set a default value as a string array literal for a macro argument, like so:

{% macro stories(tags=["a", "b"]) %}
    // logic…
{% endmacro stories %}

Results in error:

expected an integer, a float, a string, or true or false

I suppose the error says it all, but the Tera docs appear to say otherwise:

As shown in the example above, macro arguments can have a default literal value.

Where literal includes an array value according to the docs.

  • booleans: true (or True ) and false (or False )
  • integers
  • floats
  • strings: text delimited by "" , '' or
  • arrays: a comma-separated list of literals and/or idents surrounded by [ and ] (trailing comma allowed)

Am I missing something?