Beginer : Filter 'trim_start_matches' not found

Hy there ! :slight_smile:
I am a very beginner in website programming.
I just discovered Zola (… and Tera … and Rust !) and i managed to make my personal website.
It works well so it’s great !

However, there is one thing that didn’t work : I tried to use in my website template the trim_start_matches filter provided by Tera :
, but when I compile with Zola, I get :

Filter 'trim_start_matches' not found

I finally solved my problem by using instead the replace(from="my_string",to="") filter.

But I still wanted to ask :wink:

Thanks !

trim_start_matches is from a new version of Tera that hasn’t shipped with Zola yet. It will be there in the next Zola release.

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: