Any way to switch highlights with light/dark choice?

I am using the “docsascode” theme which has a button at the top of the landing page to switch between dark and light backgrounds.

Is it possible to have that action also change the highlight scheme name?

sorry if I got you wrong, do you mean code highlighting? or scheme name is something else?

I was thinking about it, when created the theme. I suggesed it would be useful to choise kronuz as a code hightlit theme. It’s dark, but looks like neutral. You can change background, it’s possbile, but kind of tricky. Because <pre> styles inside html — you should overwrite css on pre with !important on SCSS. But, it means you should colorize the whole output of pre, it’s hard

It sounds too hard for me! Thanks.

It’s not possible right now. If we add an option to use classes rather than inline styling for code, then it becomes possible via CSS but it’s not implemented right now.