Anchor not found by zola, but it works in browser

I would like to deep-link to a specific paragraph of one of my articles. To introduce the anchor, I wrapped the first word in the paragraph in a <span id="docol-compression">. I then added the following in another article:

[docol-compression]: @/bootstrap/

This results in the following error:

Error: Failed to render content of /home/kuba/dev/
Reason: Relative link @/bootstrap/ not found.

(which, by the way, is only fully displayed during the initial build of a zola serve command, otherwise only the first, useless line is shown)

However, if I write the link like this:

[docol-compression]: /bootstrap/miniforth/#docol-compression

Then the link does work when I click it in the browser. The error is therefore spurious. Am I introducing my anchor wrong?

Zola is only aware of anchors in the markdown. Linking to an anchor generated in HTML or JS will error.
You can configure skip_anchor_prefixes on the config.toml to skip those