Allowing sorting by title

I am having a use case where it would be valuable for me to sort sections by the title in the front matter. Meaning sorting in alphabetical order.

After looking through the code base, I figured I could probably implement this change.

There are two hurdles I see:

  1. I would probably add another pair in the same sense as page.later/page.earlier and page.heavier/page.lighter. I saw in this pull request that and page.previous was removed. When sorting by title I would probably reintroduce them. I welcome any and all suggestions about better semantics.

  2. Is this something only I would have use for? I couldn’t see any other issues regarding this and I don’t know if this possibility exists in other static site generators.

Would this change be something that would be appreciated?

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Sort by title would be useful for me. Also, would love to be able to sort by any metadata/frontmater on the page. I’ve got an item under [extra] that I’d like to sort by.