Adding a Hyperlink to Wedding Website

I am trying to add a custom hyperlink to the text portion of a wedding webpage. I tried writing in [Markdown](with the link) but that didn’t work. Is there any wat to add a hyperlink and not just the URL?

Thank you in advance.

I think you’re on the wrong website, this has nothing to do with


I am also trying to add a hyperlink with markdown.
It would be useful in the faq, and schedule sections so that long links don’t cause an unsightly mess.

This is the paragraph I am looking to improve:

Cococay is a private Caribbean island. It includes a water park, beaches, and a buffet. You can find more details at the website below.
There are no planned group events at the [port] (CocoCay Cruises: Cruise to CocoCay, Bahamas | Royal Caribbean id=CjwKCAiAiP2tBhBXEiwACslfngeJyCVpgHCv2vKgkp9PxURNIQmVsw6l4dhoV-NB6ZIwopGiZ674RRoCklYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds).

Ironically this forum does accept markdown. So I added some spaces to break it, and illustrate where I would use it.