'resize_image' working w/ static path locally but not on netlify deploy

This is similar to the various cans of worms about parsing different paths, but may also be distinct in some way.

I have a macro/template that resizes a large list of images, all of which are stored under /static. Locally, within the for loop, I can add {% set image_path = ‘…/static/’ ~ image_path %}, and we’re able to get the image paths.

I’m currently building with 0.12.2 locally, and have NETLIFY_VERSION set to the same remotely. I added an environment variable so that I could modify the paths for the remote build separately from the local one, but so far everything I’ve tried has failed.

10:31:35 PM: Reason: Function call ‘resize_image’ failed
10:31:35 PM: Reason: resize_image: Cannot find path: pa/fallingwater/f-9.jpg

I’ve tried using a leading slash, not using a leading slash, using …/static, and using /opt/build/repo/static/