Custom content dir or support absolute internal link

Can I custom the content folder to another folder instead of content.

I want internal link works for both local editors and Zola.

if Zola allowed me to specify the content folder, then I can specify the content folder to @, then both the local editor and Zola will work well.

├── config.toml
├── @
├── sass
├── static
├── templates
└── themes

In config.toml

content_dir = "@"

Example markdown file:



Treat content/ as @/, so the following link will work well both local and Zola.


This can change quickly. I have also tested this feature, treat markdown internal link content/ as @/ · theowenyoung/zola@b0b463a ( , it works well.

Internal Link is the most painful for me on Zola. I don’t want to bind Zola deeply, this will let Zola become the only service to understand my plain document.

I like Zola in everything, it’s a thoughtful framework.

You can search & replace ](@/content/ by ]( and end up with your no reference of zola and just the relative path to the md file, that doesn’t seem like a lock in?

Those are potentially referring to 2 different things so they cannot be equivalent.

yeah, thanks for the quick reply, yeah, you are right. now I think there is no lock-in problem.

so the main problem for me is that I want to work well both in the local file system and Zola. Now I have built the Zola for me using treat markdown internal link content/ as @/ · theowenyoung/zola@b0b463a ( , this can solve my problem now.